In an enticing environment plunged into nature and sea, BATU has opened its doors to those who seek to combine the coveted peace of their holiday with comfort and discreet luxury.

The warm hospitality, the privacy, the incomparable quality of the autonomous apartments of BATU are all that we have ever dreamed for an indelible stay .

The private apartments are ideal for family moments of peace and tranquility due to the nature that dominates the surrounding area of the accommodation. The stone walls with warm colors embrace the rooms both inside and out, giving a harmony to the space for moments of relaxation.”Batu” in Malay means “stone” while in other languages ​​of the world it means strength. A patchwork of mansion, timeless stone and the architecture at power of the latter, was the idea that gave birth to BATU luxury apartments.

The architectural style of BATU is a Mediterranean combination of elements from ancient Nicopolis, the emblematic landmark of Preveza and Italian refinement with the Tuscan style prevailing.


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Stone wood and clay blend seamlessly with the minimalistic shades of grey, offering a warm, modern and hospitable ambience , whilst morning sunlight transforms the color of the stone and lends a turquoise reflection of the pool water.

We await your arrival and are eager to offer you a unique accommodation experience.
Batu team