BATU luxury apartment is located 6.6 km outside the historic city of Preveza, in the picturesque village of Mytikas. It is an easily accessible destination for every visitor, as the property is only 10 km away from Aktio Airport in Preveza.

The area combines the rich nature with the blue sea and just a few minutes walk from the apartment, you can enjoy the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea with a vast sandy beach, the popular beach of Monolithi, while for nature lovers is a unique opportunity to stroll the lush aesthetic forest that spreads along the beach.
Preveza is a city reminiscent of an island, picturesque, with a history of centuries that immediately arouses the interest of visitors.

The historical heritage of the area is evident with many sights, Archaeological sites and monuments such as the Ancient City of Nikopolis, the Museum of Nikopolis, Kassopi, Nymfaio, the Nectomante of Acheron, Mount Zalongo.

During your stay you will be impressed by the friendliness and hospitality of the locals, while you can visit the picturesque, traditional tavernas with local delicious seafood delights and traditional cosy coffee houses, with rich traditional dishes of the area.

The city is never rests and its nightlife is intense with many cultural events.


The tours in the area are many and each visitor will be filled with unforgettable experiences, colors and images from this trip.

The numerous enticing beaches in the coastline from Preveza to Parga are easily accessible by land or sea, Monolithi, Kanali, Kastrosykia, Vraxos-Louisa , Artolithia, Ulysses’bay… and the list goes on.

Besides enchanting Preveza, touristic Parga with its appealing alleys and picturesque houses is to only 60 km away while the beautiful Ionian island, Lefkada with its famous beaches, is to only 30 km away for ideal excursions for the visitor.

For the fearless, Acheron River is an unmatched tourist destination, offering activities that will keep the entire family happy, with rafting, horseback riding and flying fox.

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Stone wood and clay blend seamlessly with the minimalistic shades of grey, offering a warm, modern and hospitable ambience , whilst morning sunlight transforms the color of the stone and lends a turquoise reflection of the pool water.

We await your arrival and are eager to offer you a unique accommodation experience.
Batu team